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Prepare your Discord apps

First of all, you will have to go to the discord developer page and create a new application:

You can specify an application for ETS 2 and ATS or a single application valid for both games with all assets inside. It’s better to create two different applications.

The name that you will give to the app won’t matter, it can be anything and will be displayed as “Game running” in Discord RPC.

If you have created the application, please take note of your app ID because will be requested from the installer creator.

Now upload all assets requested from VTRPC.

Assets names must be THE SAME as described below.

Do you want to just change a few and not all of them? Not a problem! You can find every logo here!


Download the Installer Creator

Create the installer for your VTRPC

See below explanation for each field.

VTRPC-CE Name: Usually should be your VTC name

Installer Path: where you want to save the created installer. Leave blank for current VTRPC-CE executing path.

Background image: a BMP image of 493 x 312 px, the box on the left should be your VTPC logo or creativity. If blank, a default one will be used.

You can find a starting image inside the Assets directory. See example below:

Product Icon: an .ico file, will be used in “App and programs” list on Windows control panel. If blank, the default one will be used.

Discord app ID for ETS2: see “Prepare your Discord apps” chapter

Discord app ID for ATS: see “Prepare your Discord apps” chapter

Discord apps could be the same for both games.

Show location in-game: Show location resolved with Trucky API

Show speed: show current truck speed

Show gameplay time: show current gameplay time

Use imperial units in ATS: show Imperial units when playing ATS


Finally, click on “Create installer” and wait for some seconds.

Will be created a Setup file, containing VTRPC-CE already configured with informations you entered.

You can deploy this setup exe to your drivers easily and securely.

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