Partner program

Trucky offers a partnership or sponsorship program divided in three plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Check the table below to discover what Trucky can offer to you. Partner program is open to all entities have the possibility to exchange the partnership in a proper way, like VTCs, streamers (both Youtubers and Twitchers), other people involved in Virtual Trucking community.

Trucky mobile app is installed on 7k+ devices, all over the world, from Europe to Asia and translated in more 20 languages. Trucky Discord bot is inside more than 400 guilds and serves more than 80k users.

Trucky Benefits



Logo or banner in partners page
Discord server partner
Banner in mobile app for 1 week
Banner in mobile app forever
Push notification campaign

Partnership details

With Bronze plan you can claim the presence on Partners page on this site and a dedicated message in #server-partners on Discord with a custom text and a teaser banner. Organization \ project owner will gain Partner role on Trucky Discord server.

With Silver plan, besides Bronze plan benefits, partner will have a banner inside Trucky mobile app for one week, visibile to all users that open the app, without impressions limitations, in random load with other Silver plan partners.

With Gold plan, besides Silver plan benefits, partners we’ll have a banner in Trucky mobile app forever and will be able to request to send a Push Notifications to all Trucky mobile app users with a custom title, custom text, pointing a landing page. This is a great benefits, you can reach users directly on their mobile devices in real time.
This benefit is subject to limitations: it is possible to send a maximum of 1 notifications per month per partner and the approval of the text and the sending time are under the responsibility of Trucky’s staff who can refuse to send the notification if the text is not compliant or eligible or if other notifications have already been sent in the last days.

Partners’ obligations



Logo or banner on partner's site
Discord server partner (if any)
Advertise Trucky to its users via social channels* (one time)
Advertise Trucky to its users via social channels* (recurring)

Partners’ obligations details

Bronze Partner must insert Trucky logo or banner on its site, if any, in a proper site section, like partners widget or partners page. If the partner has a Discord server, he must publish an advertisement for Trucky with a text shared between the partner and Trucky.
Silver partner, in addition to the obligations defined by the Bronze plan, must post an advertising message through its social channels* with a text shared between the partner and Trucky. For the Silver plan is expected to send this message only once.
Gold partner, in addition to the obligations defined by the Silver plan, must set up a recurring advertising campaign through its social channels*. The recurrence of messages is shared between the partner and Trucky (at least one message per month).

Streamers and Youtubers must insert Trucky in the description of each video, and if possible, enter it in the description of their channel \ profile on Twitch or Youtube.

Please keep in mind, these are general rules, each partnership will be evaluated separately and the details will be discussed together, looking for the best solution for both parties.

* Social channels defined as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Graphic materials

Partner would provide these assets:

  • Mobile app banner: 500 x 70 pixels
  • Logo or banner for Partners page: 500 pixels width (for example, 500 x 150 is a good ratio)
  • Logo or banner for #server-partners message on Discord : at will, any size, any form will suit

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