Become a Trucky Ambassador

Be involved in Trucky's development, early access to new features, remove ads at no charge.
Publicize Trucky via your socials and live streams.

We want to partner with Ambassadors

Ambassadors are very important to Trucky: it is the medium by which the platform becomes known to the public. Those who already use Trucky know how to communicate it at best. Share how much you like Trucky is the best way to publicize it.
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Access to beta versions

Ambassadors have early access to Overlay beta versions

Participate in development

Ambassadors are actively involved in Trucky's platform development


Trucky could offer you and your socials more visibility

Ad free and premium

Ambassadors are considered as premium subscribers.
No ads and premium features enabled.

Meet the Ambassadors. Join the Club.

How does it work?

We simply ask that you show Trucky to your audience while using it normally during your deliveries.
  • 1

    Show Trucky Overlay to your audience

  • 2
    Waiting overlays

    Use your waiting overlays to add Trucky's media like logos or assets

  • 3
    Discuss about features

    Talk and discuss Trucky's features with your audience

  • 4

    Occasionally you could ask your audience to test Overlay features sharing the beta version.

Ambassador requirements

  • Have an active and well maintained YouTube or Twitch Channel
  • Show Trucky on live Streams or Youtube videos
  • Advertise Trucky on your Twitch profile page or Youtube videos description
  • Live stream regularly, at least once a week, on ETS2 or ATS
  • Have more than 3000 Subscribers or followers
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Are you ready to become an Ambassador?

Applications are closed

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have a FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. I don't have more than 4000 followers, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply and your case will be evaluated nonetheless.

We consider a lot of parameters, not only followers: your brand awareness, average views, peaks, how your channel grew over the time and so on.

2. Will I get paid?

No, there is no monetary payment involved. Trucky may offer removal of advertising on the Overlay and unlocking of premium features.

3. Can I share the beta version with my friends?

It depends. Better to ask time by time if you can share the beta version or not. But some features need to be tested with other people so permission to share will be given. But your friends won’t be “official” testers so they will see the advertisement and won’t have access to premium features.

4. My streams will be controlled?

We are not a law enforcement agency and there is no real contract between us, just a gentlemen agreement.
Maybe sometimes you can have a friendly visit in your live streams for a chat 🙂

5. I have a website or other socials, I need to add Trucky as well?

It would be great if you wanted to do that.

6. How long do I have to be an Ambassador?

There is no minimum or maximum time limit. For as long as you want and as you see fit.