Check TruckersMP traffic by city or by area such as the Calais-Duisburg route, or the Kirkenes Quarry Road.


Connect to Steam and see if your friends are online, or even track them if you're lost!

Servers status

Check real-time TruckersMP server-status information, queue and settings, directly from your phone

Live map

Track yourself, or your friends, receive live alerts on what's going on, such as traffic or collisions.


View meetups and events published on our events platform, Trucky Events

Weekly Routes

Bored, sick of doing the same routes?
Generate a random route that you can drive.

Happy users

This app is perfect for playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 TMP and American Truck Simulator TMP! It tells us how many players are in each city on both games and it's very accurate!

I've been playing ats since it came out along with truckersmp and just found this now awesome app didn't get to play with it to much yet

j'ai longtemps attendu une application de ce genre et grâce à vous il en existe une. Moi et mon ami on l'adore

Tolle App für TruckersMP, viele Informationen zu Servern, Events, Staus, Spielern usw. Es dauert vllt. ab und zu eine Weile, bis es geladen hat, das kann aber auch an meinem Smartphone liegen

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The best mobile companion app for TruckersMP, with all the features you need and in your favourite app store.

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