Trucky offers zero configuration SCS Dedicated Game Servers - Up to 128 Slots!

No console commands, no server_config.sii manual edit.

No technical skills about virtual machines management, servers or containers.

Just few clicks and your server will be up & running!

Multi Geographic zones available

Host your servers near your and your audience for quicker ping ever!

5 Minutes configuration

Don't worry about server configurations or manual commands, everything is managed from Trucky.

Manage your Servers directly from Trucky

Hassle free Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Visible in Convoy Browser

Show your server in Convoy Browser via Public IP or access it via Session ID

Discord Webhooks

Track and get informed about connection on your dedicated server

Use your Mods

Upload your Server Packages with your Mods

API powered

Use the dedicated API Endpoint to check for current users and server status

Dedicated Game Server Hosting
billed monthly, per server instance
Up to 128 SlotsUp to 128 Slots
ETS2 and ATS Game ServersETS2 and ATS Game Servers
Public IPPublic IP
Zero configurationZero configuration
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