Trucky for Windows, Linux and Mac (Soon)

Standalone, no other programs required

In-Game Overlay

Dispatcher - Create every job and share

Mod Manager for

Leaderboards and dynamic achievements

TruckersMP integration

Waze-like reports

Real time traffic informations

Power up your virtual trucking experience

One Tool - Many Features - Now Standalone

The Swiss Knife for improving your Virtual Trucking Experience. No others programs required

Your truck, delivery information into draggable overlays

Personal Statistics

Your driving sessions explained with charts, insights data


Create your deliveries, share jobs and position with friends

Auto Replay

Record your gameplay automatically

Rich Presence

Customizable Discord RPC to show your in-game status to your friends


Choose colours, font size, upload your logo, control window transparency


Online friends, server status, live map, traffic information, Waze-like reports

In-Game Radio

Listen to your favourite Virtual Trucking-related Internet Radio

You're not interested on having the visual overlays?

It is totally possible to disable the visual overlays after the installation if you only want to use the Dispatcher, Achievements or even the Modhub.

Lovely Feedback

The app is very informational in the way it gives you information. Being able to
see how much fuel distance is left as well as being able to set the real time left
for the trip through settings is very nice.
My first impression of the app was a very clean and streamlined design. Every thing is laid out so nothing is too complicated to see or understand. The app design is very intuitive and clean, tucked away nicely so its easy to see when you want too see it.
It is a powerful tool to help you figure out your general game play regarding your current situation. You always know where/what you are doing, how long will it take in real time and estimates how far your current fuel will take you.
My very first impression of the overlay was the equivalent of a child in a toy store
window, looking with awe at a gigantic train set. It seemed revolutionary: where
SCS is currently focusing on realism of the environment, Trucky focuses on
realism of the driving experience in just the right amount.

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