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I'm currently a full time Content Creator on Twitch. Streaming exclusively TMP, 6 nights a week! I often host OPEN convoys every night I'm live for all to join! I LOVE meeting and trucking with others from the community! Come join sometime!


Father, Husband, Gamer and Twitch Affiliate. I stream both XB1X and PC games. I play mostly sim games like Farming Sim 19 and American Truck Sim but i'm also a decent FPS player. This is a no-bs, chill environment with lots of laughs and good times. I hope you enjoy your visit.


I am Lethal Swanson, the lethalest swan on twitch. I am a full-time streamer who enjoys chatting and being there for the viewers. I am mainly playing simulation games nowadays. I also bring awareness to Friedrich's ataxia which is my disability.


I am Mr Thornton as you know and I've been gaming since I was 7 years old and now I'm late 20s. I starting gaming on console and mid 2019 I made the big move over to the pc-master-race and I've been loving every second of it.


My main games ETS and ATS on both TMP and SP. Trying out a variety of new games. Proud member of @StreamUnite - Affiliate for CDKeys. PathtoPartner. MOD for other streamers. Official Streamer for Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue

Berkay Ocak

I Am Berkay, A Turkish Content Producer. I'm the founder of the TK'SW community. I have tutorial and fun videos on my YouTube channel. I Do Regular Broadcasts Every Week On My Twitch Channel. I Love You Guys.


Hi I'm Worlorck and I'm the host of this community.I have been a gamer my whole life.I started gaming on Atari then 8 bit Nintendo and every console after. I finally built a PC Gaming Rig in 2000 and a few years ago started streaming on Twitch with no luck ,so i returned.


IRL and game streamer. Your loyal lurker. I do not do the bandwagon, latest fad, most popular here today gone tomorrow games. I play games that I enjoy playing and that most of my community enjoy coming to watch. Most streams will focus on simulation or RPG games.


Technik- und Game-begeistert seit je her, früher in Shooter- oder Strategiespiel unterwegs, inzwischen meistens in Simulationen unterwegs und je realer, desto besser.

Texas Kelva

we are apart of the Texas Family Media Group. on this channel we play FS19, iRacing, ATS and COD


Gamer español desde tiempos del Spectrum 48k, pasando por Amstrad CPC 464, varias consolas y finalmente el PC, donde ahora cuando tengo tiempo hago stream de todo tipo de juegos, MMO's, Shooters, Sandbox, Rol, Simuladores y lo que venga.