Use Trucky on Discord!

Use the same features served by the Trucky App directly from your Discord guild.

Plus dedicated commands for VTCs.

Invite the bot in your server
Servers status

TruckersMP servers status directly on Discord with a simple command: /servers


See most crowded areas directly from Discord with /traffic !

VTC Commands

Manage your VTC from VTCHub directly from Discord with dedicated VTC commands: get your VTC information, search for other VTC, and link your VTC to Discord. Start with /link, and use /vtc to do more things.

Automatic commands

The bot pemits to save a channel where receive automatic updated informations from TruckersMP or real time traffic reports with /auto set.

Radio streaming

Listen to your favourite Virtual Trucking Community radios with /radio

World of Trucks Gallery

The bot can show you a random image from the World of Trucks gallery using /gallery.

Explore all commands

See all commands here or start typing / in Discord. There are many commands, explore all of them!

Need help? Something doesn't work?

Read our knowledge base articles containing a lot of useful information to sort issues and find solutions to common problems.