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Discord Bot commands

TruckersMP Commands

Discord CommandSlash CommandDescription
.autoToggle a message that refreshes every 15 minutes, can be used for traffic, server, or event. You can find more here.
.eventShow upcoming events online on TruckersMP from Trucky events, ets2c.com, truckers.events and vtlog.net, Also Displays informations about a given event.
.gallery/galleryShow random image selected from World Of Trucks community galleries.
.mapstatusShow tracking status of ETS2Map.
.player/playerGets detailed info about TruckersMP player. You can search via TruckersMP ID, SteamID or TruckersMP username.
.server/serverShow TruckersMP servers current status and the player count.
.traffic/trafficShow current TruckersMP traffic informations.

Radio Commands

Discord CommandSlash CommandDescription
.radioConnect the bot to a voice channel and starts selected radio streaming.
.leaveStops the music and leave the channel.
.npShow detail of the currently playing radio station.

VTC Commands

To get more information about VTC in TruckyBot, you can read this article.

Server admin Commands

Discord CommandSlash CommandDescription
.langChange the bot language.
.prefixChange the bot prefix.

Information Commands

Discord CommandSlash CommandDescription
.infoShow Trucky mobile app download links, Trucky Discord server invite and issue tracker.
.invite/inviteDisplays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your guild.
.pingRuns a connection test to Discord and Trucky.
.truckyeventShow next official Trucky Event information.
.helpDisplay help for a command.
.statsProvides some details about the bot and stats.
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