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TruckersMP related commands

.servers Show servers status
.events <count> Show next <count> upcoming events from ETS2c.com, Truckers.events and vtlog.net
.traffic <server> [location] Show traffic status.

Usage: .traffic <server> <location>

ETS2: sim1, sim2, sim3, arc1, arc2, eupromods1, eupromodsarc, sgpsim

ATS : eusim, ussim

.player <Steam ID, TruckersMP ID, TruckersMP username> Search TruckersMP player based on username, Steam ID, TruckersMP ID or full text search
.time Show current game time
.auto Show a complete overview over the TruckersMP platform status (servers and traffic)


VTC commands

.vtc info Show VTC info
.vtc register  Begin the VTC registration process to associate the VTC to the current server – Available only to server administrators
.vtc setrole member @User  Adds a user as VTC member – Available only to server administrators
.vtc setrole admin @User  Adds a user as VTC admin – Available only to server administrators
.vtc setrole none @User  Removes the roles from a user – Available only to server administrators
.q add <Question>  Adds a question for an interview – Available only to server administrators
.q remove <Question ID>  Removes a question – Available only to server administrators
.q list  Show questions list
.vtc setchannel #channel  Set the channel where interviews result are sent – Available only to server administrators
.apply  Begin the application process
.applications  Show the applications pending
.accept | .deny  Accept or deny an application

For a complete guide to use the VTC commands, look here: VTC commands guide


Community commands

.streams Show currently live streams on Twitch and YouTube
.gallery Get a random image from World Of Trucks community Gallery. See .help for available gallery types.

Radio commands

.radio <radio name> Play radio streaming in the voice channel. Available radio: TruckersFM, SimulatorRadio, ETRadio, GGRadio, Simulator1. See .help for complete command syntax
.np Show currently live show on radio streaming
.leave Stop radio streaming
.request <song> Request a song to the current streaming radio

Other commands

.help Show available commands
.prefix Change command prefix for current guild
.app Show how to download Trucky Smartphone app
.invite Show bot invite link for your Discord server
.ping Use it to check if the bot is alive
.status Show bot status and statistics
.user-info Show given Discord user info
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