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Discord Bot commands

TruckersMP Commands

/traffic[city]Show current TruckersMP traffic informations.
/playerGets detailed info about TruckersMP player. You can search via TruckersMP ID, SteamID or TruckersMP username.
/serversShow TruckersMP servers current status and the player count.
/galleryShows an image of the category selected from World Of Trucks community gallery.



Auto Commands

/auto add serversServer alert tells you the status of TruckersMP servers. Similar to /servers command
/auto add trafficTraffic alert specific to a server. Similar to the /traffic command
/auto add traffic-reportsEach time a user sends a traffic report from the overlay, the bot will send a message in this channel
/auto remove servers-removeRemoves the server message in this channel
/auto remove traffic-removeRemoves the traffic message in this channel
/auto remove traffic-reports removeRemoves the traffic reports in this channel

More detailed explanation about auto commands here



Radio Commands

/radio playConnect the bot to a voice channel and starts selected radio streaming.
/radio leaveStops the music and leaves the channel.
/radio infoShow details of the currently playing radio station.



VTC Commands

/vtc info[id]Get information about a company
/vtc linkLink this Discord server to your company on the VTC Hub
/vtc search[name] [company_type] [language] [recruitment]Search in the list of all the VTCs available on the VTC Hub
/vtc unlinkRemove the connection between this Discord server and the VTC Hub
/jobShow VTC Hub jobs details

To grab the token, go to the VTC Hub (Company Settings > Integration) as owner and copy.



Information Commands

/infoShow Trucky mobile app download links, Trucky Discord server invite and issue tracker.
/pingRuns a connection test to Discord and Trucky.
/helpDisplay help for a command.
/statsProvides some details about the bot and stats.


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