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Basic overlay usage

You can interact with the overlay in two ways:

  • Hotkeys
  • Gain control over the overlay via CONTROL+TAB hotkey



ALT+O: Open Overlay settings

ALT+X: Show\hide main window

ALT+S: Show\hide servers window

ALT+F: Show\hide friends window

ALT+W: Show\hide traffic window

ALT+G: Show\hide truck and trip info window

ALT+H: Play or stop radio streaming (Must select the default radio station in options) – Introduced in V2

ALT+N: Play next radio station – Introduced in V2

ALT+C: Start instant replay video capture (must enable Video Capture in options) – Introduced in V2 – Videos are saved in your home Videos folder\Overwolf\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator

ALT+L: Show/hide map

ALT+E: Show/hide Game Report


Traffic reports

ALT+A: Report accident

ALT+M: Report moderate traffic

ALT+Q: Report traffic jam

ALT+P: Report moderator spotted

ALT+R: Report roadworks or obstacles on the road

ALT+V: Report vehicle stopped on the roadside



ALT+C: Instant replay capture


How to change default hotkeys

You can change default hotkeys combination via Overwolf settings

Overlay configuration

The overlay offers a basic configuration to personalize some aspects of the user experience. To access overlay configuration, click on the gear icon from the overlay main window while in-game.

To click on the gear icon, you have to press the CONTROL+TAB Overwolf hotkey combination or press ALT + O.

Options should change between versions.

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