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Create a new Company

A new Company can be created from the VTC Hub inside Trucky for Windows.

You have two ways: from scratch, creating a new whole company or importing it from TruckersMP VTC System.


Import from TruckersMP

If your VTC is already registered in TruckersMP and you are the Owner, it’s highly suggested to use this method.

Importing a VTC from TruckersMP will import also the main company information, description, slogan, tag, logo, cover, roles and members.


Create your Company

First Step: Choose your Company style

Here you must choose your company style:

  • Realistic Economy: will manage a real budget, owning Garages, a Fleet, assigning vehicles to members, checking revenues and vehicles maintenance cost.
  • Miles: one thing is important: how much you and your members drive, no revenues, no economy. Companies of this type participate to the Leaderboards.
  • Eco & Miles: the mix of the two upon. Manage a real Trucking Company and compete for who drive more

This is an important step, your company style cannot be changed afterwards.


After have choosen the company style, you must fill the important information:

For Realistic Economy and Eco & Miles you must choose an Headquarter location and can provide the Base Member Salary.

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