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Create custom Routes

How to access the Route Editor

Open the Lines Manager with ALT+SHIFT+B and click on “Route Editor” button


Create custom Routes on known maps

Know maps are Euro Truck Simulator 2 vanilla + all DLCs, Promods and American Truck Simulator with Promods Canada.

  • Choose the relevant map
  • Click on “New Line”
  • Insert the Route Name and the Route Number
  • Choose the stops from the list, clicking on “Add Stop”
  • If you need to delete the stop, click on the trash icon
  • Click on “Save Line” button to save the line
  • After you have created it, you can delete the line clicking on “Delete Line” button


Create custom routes on custom or unsupported maps

  • Place your vehicle in-game in the first stop position
  • Choose “Custom Map” from the Maps dropdown
  • Click on “New Line”
  • Insert the Stop Name, Country, select a stop Type and click on “Add Stop”
  • Minimize the Route Editor clicking on the button “_” – don’t close with the X
  • Teleport or drive to the next stop
  • Reopen the Lines Manager \ Route Editor with ALT+SHIFT+B
  • Insert the Stop Name and Country and click on “Add Stop”
  • Repeat the 4 steps upon
  • After have added all the stops, click on “Save Line”
  • After you have created it, you can delete the line clicking on “Delete Line” button

How to share custom routes with friends

In your File Explorer, open %localappdata%\TruckyOverlay a send the file customRoutes.json to your friends. If they place this file in the same folder, Trucky will be able to load the same routes.

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