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Hardcore Simulation Mode

This article applies to companies with Realistic Economic or Eco & Miles.

Hardcore Mode is a new way of driving and living the game trying to spice it up and add some challenge.


To participate in Harcodere Leaderboards, the job must respect the validations parameter stated above, the user must ensure his game profile is configured totally as described. Trucky can track the profile configuration changes, game configuration changes and console commands: every change to configuration parameters during the job making the job pass from “valid” to “non valid” will make the job not valid at all.


Example: the user starts the job with traffic on, sends the console command “g_traffic 0” to enable traffic, as the job has been started with traffic and was valid, sending this command will invalidate the job for Hardcore validation.


Every job is evaluated in two ways:

  • Hardcore Points
  • Delivery Rating

Differences and ways of calculating them are described below.


If the job is qualified as Hardcore, there will be this box on the right side of the Job Detail Page.

Users with Hardcore Jobs will have also stars aside their name for Average Delivery Rating

Profile Settings

  • Traffic: yes (or value >= 1.0 – as TruckersMP sends g_traffic = 0, every job on TruckersMP are excluded by default)
  • Fatigue: yes
  • Traffic offence: yes
  • Route Advisor Speed Limit: Truck
  • Parking Difficulty: Skilled Parking
  • Random Road Events: over 10%
  • Detours: over 20%
  • Rain probability: over 10%
  • Advanced Trailer Coupling: yes
  • Realistic fuel consumption: yes
  • Air brakes simulation: yes


Validation Criteria

To be admitted for Hardcore Mode and HP calculation, following criteria must be satisfied (all of them):
  • Every profile settings is configured correctly
  • No Auto Load (not considered for Freight Market jobs, Public Transport System and WOTR Freight Market)
  • Manual Parking
  • Over 250 km
  • No Warping (considered also changing warp value during the job)
  • No Damage Mod
  • Cargo with mass more than 0 (Dispatched Jobs with 0 cargo mass? Sorry.)
  • Fuel Used more than 0
  • No Cargo Mods – Allowed only SCS Cargo from Base Game and all official DLCs

Why no Cargo Mods? Because Cargo Mods can be easily cheatable with huge mass and huge cargo unit sizes.

Hardcore Point (HP) Calculation

0.4 × Distance + 0.35 × Mass 0.4 × Fuel Economy1 × Damage Percentage0.75 × Number of Fines
To this first calculation, could be added bonuses or penalties:
  • Hard Parking Doubles: if using g_simple_parking_doubles with 0 value (game default is 1), 50 points bonus for each additional trailer parked manually

What is “g_simple_parking_doubles” ? Is a game option allowing to load doubles, triples and HTC using the “simple placement”, the easiest placement offered from the company at load and unload. If you are using this, also if you position correctly truck and trailers over the blinking placement, the game will send always the job as “auto loaded” – like you skipped the loading using automatic load. If you want to use the Hard Parking Double mode, you must edit manually the config.cfg in your profile directory setting it as 0.


  • Late Delivery: 50% negative value of Distance and Mass bonus
  • Rest Time Stop Overdue: with a tolerance of 30 minutes in-game time, 50% negative value of Distance and Mass bonus
  • Race or Invalid Stats:negative value of Distance and Mass bonus
  • Job Canceled: negative value of Distance and Mass bonus
  • Speeding: considering road speed limits over 40km\h, with a tolerance of 5km\h, the max allowed speeding time is 10% of the Real Time driving time, than for every minute speeding, 5% of negative value of Distance and Mass bonus

Delivery Rating

Distance (0 to 5 stars)
0 stars for less than 250 km
1 star for 250-499 km
2 stars for 500-749 km
3 stars for 750-999 km
4 stars for 1000-1249 km

5 stars for 1250 km or more

Mass (0 to 5 stars)
0 stars for less than 10 tons
1 star for 10-14.99 tons
2 stars for 15-19.99 tons
3 stars for 20-24.99 tons
4 stars for 25-29.99 tons
5 stars for 30 tons or more
Damage Percentage (0 to 5 stars)
5 stars for 0% damage
4 stars for 1-10% damage
3 stars for 11-20% damage
2 stars for 21-30% damage
1 star for 31-40% damage
0 stars for more than 40% damage
Fuel Economy (0 to 5 stars)
Ideal Average Fuel Economy for ETS2: 38 l\100km
Ideal Average Fuel Economy for ATS: 42 l\100km
5 – (Fuel Economy l/100km – Ideal Average Fuel Economy) / Ideal Average Fuel Economy
Number of Fines (0 to 5 stars)
5 stars for 0 fines
4 stars for 1 fine
3 stars for 2 fines
2 stars for 3 fines
1 star for 4 fines
0 stars for 5 or more Fines
-2 stars for Late Delivery
-2 stars for Rest Time Stop Overdue
0 stars for Job Canceled
0 stars for Race Stats or Invalid Stats
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