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Configure your VTRPC Discord application

Do you want custom truck brand logos for VT-RPC? Here is the guide on how to do it with Trucky Overlay!   First of all, you will have to go to the discord developer page and create a new application:

You will need an application for ETS 2 and ATS both. The name that you will give to the app won’t matter, it can be anything. If you have created the application, copy its ID:

If you are done with that, open the Trucky Overlay settings, then hop to VT-RPC settings and paste the ID that you copied previously:

 Save it, then head back to the developer portal:

Now, you can add your icons for every truck brand! But you will need to name them like shown on these pictures:

Do you want to just change a few and not all of them? Not a problem!

Download the asset pack below:

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