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How to create a Server Logon Token

The “Server Logon Token” is required to make your server visible in the “Sessions Brower” in-game. You can only access your server via the “Session ID” without a “Server Logon Token”.

Here is how you can generate this “Server Logon Token”:

  1. Visit https://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers
  2. Login if you are not authenticated
  3. In the “App ID” field insert the following:
    • 270880” for ATS
    • 227300” for ETS2
  4. In the “Memo” field write a description like “My ETS2 Server on Trucky” so you can recognize it in the future.

  5. Click on “Create”, and your token will be generated, copy this token.

  6. Open the “Server Configuration” in Trucky.
  7. Look for the “Server Logon Token” field and paste the token.
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