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Public Transport: FAQ

Here listed some FAQ you could ask:


How I can start a Public Transport’s Route?

Open the Lines Manager with ALT+SHIFT+B.


How I can open or close the Route Helper?



Can I add the Route Helper as a Widget in Desktop Helper?

Yes, you can.


Can I take Public Transport’s Route with a Truck or a Car?

Yes, you could. There is no way for Trucky to understand if you are driving a certain vehicle.


Can I share the same route with friends? This works in TruckersMP?

Yes, it works in TMP. And yes, you can share routes with friends as they are the same for all users.


Trucky is shipped with Bus Mods?

No (or not yet…), they must be downloaded separately.


Where I can find good Bus Mods?

Look here


Are Public Transport’s Jobs considered in VTLog or Trucksbook?

No, for them, you are considered in free roaming.


How Trucky consider the Public Transport Jobs? They are counted in Leaderboards?

Yes. They are counted like a job transporting Passengers. For Trucky you are in a job and distance driven is calculated with the multipliers applied to normal jobs in-game.

There are achievements dedicated to Public Transport’s Routes?

Not yet, but soon they will.


Can I create my own routes?

Not yet. But soon will be available a Route Editor where you will create your route placing stops in any point of the map.


Why there isn’t GPS path when I get a new route?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to inject a GPS path into the game. Using the Route Helper or the Lines Manager, you have to set up your GPS path manually.


I’m at the stop, but the dot on Route Helper isn’t blinking

Try to get more in the middle of the Bus Station. Depending on how the stop area is designed in-game, it is suggested to be in the middle of it. Generally speaking, try to go around the area and stop when the dot is blinking.


The dot is blinking, but the stop does not activate

The stop activate only when you are completely stopped.


Will I gain money in-game doing Public Transport’s Routes?

Actually no, but soon will be introduced an internal Economy system. In every case, between, you won’t get money into your Bank Account in-game.

Can’t find a city as route final stop

Not every city is valid as final stop, but every city with a Bus Station or a Service Station could be a starting stop. So you can do the same route but in reverse direction, selecting the direction from the dropdown in Lines Manager.

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