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Dispatcher: Common issues

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No profiles showing

If you don’t see your profiles, it’s because you have Steam Cloud enabled in your profiles, here’s how to do it:

Click on “Edit Profile”

Then disable by clicking on the tick, and make it unticked.

No freight market jobs

If you see a message like “The saved game does not contain freight market jobs”, try these:

  • Sleep
  • Take the ferry or train

If these didn’t work, proceed at doing an economy reset, follow this guide:

Economy reset

Like all custom jobs software, illegal trailers will cause an economy reset and the job will fail:

  • Triples:
    • Allowed in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah
  • Turnpike Double:
    • Allowed in Nevada, Utah, British Columbia
  • Road Mountain Double:
    • Allowed in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, British Columbia
  • Bi-train:
    • Allowed in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, British Columbia
  • 53′ Flatbed Spread Axle (flatbed.single_53sp.flatbed):
    • Banned in British Columbia
  • HCT:
    • Allowed in Finland
  • Double and B-Double:
    • Allowed in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands

To see exactly why it caused an economy reset, open your game.log (Located in %Documents%\Euro Truck Simulator 2) and search (Ctrl+F in Notepad) for “Economy reset”, if you got something else than the rules above, report it in Trucky Discord server

Distance calculation

As Trucky doesn’t know every distance between cities or between companies, you will see sometimes a random distance that will not match the real distance of that route

Price calculation

As distance might not be correct for each delivery, you might get very high prices or very low prices on deliveries, depending on the Trucky database

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