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Twitch Bot commands

TruckersMP related commands

!serversShow servers status
!events <count>Show next <count> upcoming events from trucky.events
!traffic <server> [game] [location]Show traffic status.

Usage: .traffic <server> <location>

For example, .traffic sim2 Duisburg. Servers can be sim1, sim2, sim3, us1,
arc1, pm1

!player <Steam ID, TruckersMP ID, TruckersMP username>Search TruckersMP player based on username, Steam ID, TruckersMP ID or full-text search
!timeShow current game time

Broadcaster only commands

!settmpid <TruckersMP ID>Set your TruckersMP ID. Need to run !location command
!setsteamid <Steam ID>Set your Steam ID.

Broadcaster related commands (available to all)

!tripShow current trip info (works only if SteamID has been saved by the broadcaster)
!locationShow current user location on TruckersMP (works only if TruckersMP ID has been saved by the broadcaster)

 Other commands

!helpShow available commands
!prefixChange command prefix for current guild
!appShow how to download Trucky Smartphone app
!pingUse it to check if bot is alive
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