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Does job tracking work with VTLog or Trucksbook?
Absolutely. The plugins cannot interfere with each other.


Can I change the Company Style after defining it?
No, you cannot change it, at least in the initial state it is locked.


Can I transfer my company to another user?
Yes, but only by opening a ticket on Trucky’s Discord, the transfer needs to be done manually.


Are jobs tracked even if I don’t have a company?
Yes, the user can track jobs even without a company. The list of tracked jobs can be found in the VTC Hub.


The final revenue is different between the game and Trucky
That’s correct: Trucky has its own server-side economy, so the calculations made on final gain are different. Anyway, Trucky uses a formula very similar to the game’s, and some data relies on cargo parameters extracted from the game data.


If I use a modded cargo, my final revenue is “strange”.
That’s right, modded cargo calculation depends on default values for everyone because there’s no way to know their actual configuration.
Trucky supports the actual stock freighter data provided by SCS in all DLCs.


The distance travelled in game is different from the distance tracked in Trucky.
It can happen, Trucky and the game calculate the distance differently.


Can my company have a different currency?
No, Trucky calculates everything in Trucky Coins.


Do members have to have Trucky to apply to my company?
Not necessarily. The user can apply to the company without having Trucky, but then it is essential to have it to track jobs.

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