19th July 2019 – from 5PM BST / 18:00 CEST (NoTimeZone link)

Scenarios will appear at timed intervals throughout the event with, crashes, incidents, police escorts, emergency vehicles responding and more! With some special surprises thrown in!

Updates about current random events will be sent via app and the overlay.

TruckersMP Forum post

Truck fest at 5.30pm – 6pm BST / 18.30 – 19 CEST

Random events from 6pm BST / 19.00 CEST until 9PM BST / 22.00 CEST


A truck and trailer are required to be able to participate in the event, only detach your trailer if told to do so or absolutely necessary.

Please do not use a car as these are reserved for event staff.

All of the operations/scenarios are pre-planned by the Trucky Team, so please do not interfere with them, and follow all instructions. (If you see emergency vehicles please make room for them to pass, however do this safely and don’t panic.)

Truck fest rewards

Best show truck.
Best VTC parking formation.
Best Attendance Number (VTC)
Best VTC paint job

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Event area

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