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Fleet and Garages

This article applies to companies with Realistic Economic or Eco & Miles.



At creation, your company starts with an already assigned garage in the city you choose as your Headquarters and with 3 spaces.

Each garage has a limited number of spaces to accommodate a certain number of vehicles.

A new Garage costs 180,000 Trucky Coins.

Each new space costs 25,000 Trucky Coins.

You can buy a virtually infinite number of Garages.

To upgrade your Garage, click on the button and indicate how many spaces you want to add.


Dismiss a Garage

If you want to dismiss a Garage, click on the button. The Garage must be empty.



Your company can own a fleet consisting of vehicles specially purchased and assigned to drivers.

If you don’t have any purchased vehicles, each job tracked will have a rental cost, ranging from 4.50 to 5.00 Trucky Coins per kilometre travelled that will be deducted from your earnings.

To purchase a new vehicle, click on the button and choose the make and model to purchase, choose a Garage where to store it and. The assigned driver is not mandatory. You can decide to assign the vehicle later. The Garage must have enough available places to store the vehicle.

The price depends on the vehicle you will buy and are based on a value very similar to the average configurations of vehicles in the game.

To work properly, the vehicle assigned to the driver must perfectly match the one used in the game.

Trucky supports all stock game vehicles provided by SCS.

If your members use modded vehicles, you must purchase the Generic Brand and Modded Truck for the referenced game. A driver can only have one modded vehicle assigned: meaning, generically, any job tracked with a modded vehicle will be assigned to the first and only vehicle of that model and make assigned to the driver.

Each job tracked increases the vehicle’s odometer. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the vehicle will go into maintenance.

The vehicle tab shows a series of statistics about the vehicle and indicates how much time is left until the next maintenance.


Sell a Vehicle

If you want to sell a Vehicle, click on the button and confirm the action.

The refund is 35% of the original Vehicle price.


How to assign a Vehicle or move to a new Garage

Click on the Vehicle from Vehicles list and access the Vehicle Details page.

Choose the new Garage or a member to assign the Vehicle and click Save.



Vehicles go into maintenance according to these thresholds:

  • General Maintenance: every 45,000 KM – Cost 400 Trucky Coins – Cooldown 75 minutes
  • Engine Maintenance: every 150,000 KM – Cost 3500 Trucky Coins – Cooldown 150 minutes
  • Tire Maintenance: every 175,000 KM – Cost 250 Trucky Coins per tire – Cooldown 75 minutes.

The vehicle in maintenance is not usable for a period of cooldown, variable depending on the maintenance.

During this time, all tracked jobs will be charged as a rented vehicle.

The company may decide to have a pool of “idle” vehicles to assign to drivers in case their vehicles are under maintenance to avoid the rental cost.

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