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Overlay not showing in game

The Overlay doesn’t show in-game? There’s always a solution to fix it, follow these steps:

Auto-start not activated

  • Check if the overlay is disabled for ETS/ATS in the Overwolf settings:


Outdated Overwolf

  • Check if Overwolf is at the latest version, otherwise, click to update it.

Restart Overwolf


Outdated Telemetry

  • Update Trucky Telemetry

IPv6 activated

When looking at your game.log (Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2), if you see something like <ERROR> [TRUCKY] auth – Error while requesting, then follow this guide to deactivate IPv6.

  • Right-click on Network  / Wi-Fi  , then press “Open Network and Sharing Center”

  • Click on “Change adapter settings”

  • You will then see a bunch of networks adapters, select the one you’re using (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and right-click to press Properties.

  • Then untick “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), press OK

  • Restart your computer to apply the settings

Ultimate solution

  • Restart your computer


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