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Server side Economy

This article applies to companies with Realistic Economic or Eco & Miles.

Server Side Economy

Trucky has a complete Server side Economy system.

The official currency is the Trucky Coin (T¢) and is not related to the currency used in-game because Trucky calculates the job income by its own.

Each job track contributes to the company’s earnings (or losses 🙂 ).


The job income is calculated with the following components, very similar to the game but with variations:


  • Base Reward = calculated based on actual distance travelled and units of cargo delivered, multiplied by Market Multiplier depending on whether Quick Job, Cargo Market, Freight Market, WOTR
  • Valuable Bonus (if the cargo is valuable)
  • Fragile Bonus (if the cargo is fragile)
  • Heavy Bonus (if the cargo is oversize)
  • ADR Bonus (if the cargo belongs to one of the ADR categories)
  • Distance Bonus: a percentage calculated on the Base Reward in incremental steps according to the distance travelled
  • Proficiency Bonus: a special calculation on the actual quality of the delivery
  • Market Change: the percentage of increase or decrease in the Global Cargo Market


All components summed together, makes the calculation named “Income“.


All cost components are then, deducted from the income:

  • Taxes (fixed 15% of total Income)
  • Fuel cost (calculated on the litres of fuel actually consumed)
  • Rent cost (if applicable)
  • Damage cost (calculated on the percentage of damage inflicted on the truck, the cargo, the trailer)
  • Fines (if enabled in game)
  • Transports cost (ferries, trains…)


The difference is the company’s final Revenue.


Global Cargo Market

The Global Cargo Market shows variable prices for cargo that have changed positively or negatively.


Every 3 days, Trucky recalculates cargo prices, simulating the demand of a global market that applies to the reference game and impacts all jobs tracked by companies. Therefore, a cargo can vary from -25% to +35% and affects the calculation of the Base Reward.


On one hand, depending on how much the freighter is delivered, its supply influences the price accordingly: if the freighter is delivered a lot, its price will drop and companies will have met its needs. On the other hand, if a cargo is not delivered in a long time, its price may increase further.


An indicator aside each cargo shows if the price is increasing or decreasing.

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