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VTC Settings

Main settings

Main settings will allow you to give to your VTC an identity (name, tag, slogan), logos and cover that will be shown on the public page. It is on this page you choose the recruitment status, and member salary. Headquarter and Economy settings are just informative, you cannot change them.



You can insert all social media that will be available in your public page, in the Information tab



From that pages, you can change the text fields that are shown on your public page, for people that want to know more about your VTC, requirements and rules.



From here, you can select in drop-down menus the weight (t, lbs), length (km, mi) and the volume (litres, gallons)



First, go on your Discord server, Settings and then Integrations:

From here, you can click on Create Webhook.

Select its name, profile picture, and channel you want it to post messages.

Then click on Copy Webhook URL and paste it in the fields. If you want different names, different channels you will need separate webhooks, that you can create using the same process.

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