Discord RPC customizations

The new Overlay update is here!

Enjoy a new full set of customizations applicable to your Discord Rich Presence.

Do you want to show something funny? or your VTC name? How much you love your girlfriend or boyfriend while driving?

Now you can customize ALL texts shown on your Discord profile when VTRPC is enabled and using the built-in real-time preview is easy to figure how other users will view your RPC.

Game data is available via “placeholders”, variables with $ prefix. You can access it by clicking with a right-click on each field and using the contextual menu.

More than 30 placeholders available matching all relevant game information.

This is a Premium feature, if you want to know more about becoming a Subscriber, click here.


  • Telemetry: fixed trailers reset after changing trailers type (from double or triple to single or viceversa). Need Telemetry update
  • Overlay: fixed or mitigated bug when showing Alert and Notification window causing game minimizing or tab out

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