Dedicated Server Hosting update: 128 slots and beta channels

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has just been updated to version 1.50, and very quickly SCS has also released the public version of the Dedicated Server for 1.50

128 Slots

Trucky immediately adapted to this change: as of today you can upgrade your dedicated servers – or, of course, buy one – with up to 128 slots!

But be careful: the pricing component has not been updated yet, and having the 128-slot servers is an EXPERIMENT, we have to evaluate what is the impact of so many users connected to the server on the current infrastructure, if the infrastructure needs an upgrade or if the servers with so many slots need larger instances.
You get this experiment as the same price of 8 slots. Awesome, isn’t it?

For the moment we have not updated the prices for the Dedicated Server Hosting service but we might do it in the future after have evaluated impacts.

Beta Channels

Also, you can now choose the Beta channel for your servers: for example, already for American Truck Simulator servers, you can choose the “Public Beta” channel that will upgrade your servers to Public Beta 1.50.


This field is available immediately on Trucky Hub site https://hub.truckyapp.com/ , will be deployed on the client version soon.

There is a new field called “Betas” on the server configuration page that allows you to change versions.
Of course there is always a need for a reboot after each change – in version change it may take a little extra time to complete the reboot procedure.

The maximum slots setting is valid, of course, for servers from version 1.50 onward; for servers 1.49 and down, it is irrelevant, it will always be 8.

You can even downgrade the server to 1.49 if you want to stick your game version on 1.49 and continuining to use a dedicated server – not tested this extensively.

Please keep in mind that Beta Channels are always managed from SCS via Steam updates.

How to see a server with 128 slots in the Convoy Browser

SCS has sanctioned that they will always support as a “natural” configuration, the maximum 8 slots.
So to see a server with 128 slots you need a small natural modification, in two ways:

From the console

Open the in-game console and type: g_max_convoy_size 128 and press Enter

From the configuration file

Find the home directory of the game, usually “c:\users\<your username>\documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2”, open the file config.cfg with a text editor, and edit the config key g_max_convoy_size to 128, the line should look like this:

uset g_max_convoy_size “128”

This operation must be performend with game closed.

Note on performance

The Dedicated Server Hosting service has been online for more than a year now, and we have learned many things.

Certainly, one of the things that affects the performance and load of a dedicated server the most are the basic settings — such as the number of AIs or traffic, but most importantly, the Mods.

If you think you can load up to 100 mods, huge, complex, full of bugs and errors in consoles, maybe not totally supported by the server version and you think everything works like a charm, I’m sorry, but you are deluded. And in this Trucky has no responsibility.

Besides, if you consider the new hardware features required by the game, the whole thing gets more complicated.

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