January Update

New version 2.27 brings a bunch of improvements and updates coming from Community’s suggestions:

  • Improved Member Tags Management allowing to manage many more tag on single user
  • Dispatcher: as requested in this suggestion, when importing Truck or Trailer, the user can choose if reset odometer, damage and unfixable damage (the fuel is always set to full tank) – it works also with previous Unique Dispatch ID

  • Added Salary statistics for single users as requested in these suggestions: Suggestion 1, Suggestion 2
    • New toggleable column in Members List
    • New widgets in Profile details Highglists and Period Stats: Total Salary (ever) and Total Salary (Current Company)
    • New column in Members Company Stats visible only to Companies in Realistic economy or Eco & Miles

This information will be visible only to the current user, the company owner and who has permissions for Company Management and Members Management

  • Remaining time on job to be delivered: hidden for WOTR jobs as it would show a huge amount of time
  • Under the hood:
    • Fixed Achievements calculation for yearly and recurring yearly company achievements
    • Fixed wrong vehicle configuration preventing new buses to be matched with Company Vehicles

As Trucky is always near to the Community, we have added new Public Transport vehicles developed from scratch by Heavy Vehicles Turkey, now available as Company Fleet: Mercedes Benz Travego 16 SHD (2023), Temsa Safir Plus, Temsa Safir Plus New, Neoplan Cityliner, Neoplan Tour Liner

Furthermore is now available as Featured Radio, Tide Radio, both from Windows Client and TruckyBot on Discord.

What do you think about this announcement? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Come to our Discord and let’s talk about it!

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