2023 Wrap

As another year draws to a close, it has been a fantastic year full of satisfaction and great progress for Trucky.

This year we have launched many new features and improvements: Profile Pages will full stats, the Dedicated Server Hosting service, new Achievements system and Achievements for Company, Community features for VTC with Live Company Status, Messenger and News Feed, new Discord Webhook system and integration with External Drivers’ Hub, Speed Stats Cooldown and new Sound Alerts, and finally, the Hardcore Simulation Mode with a new leaderboard and a new and more realistic way to experience the game.

The last news in December that will take us into the New Year, was the total update of the web presence with a new Hub bringing all of Trucky’s non-game related features usable from a browser on Desktop and Mobile.

So, something new every month!

Now what? It’s hard to keep up with so many updates and so many new things, Trucky has grown so much over the past few years and, at times, in a somewhat inorganic way and it’s time to stop and rethink everything differently.

The big project for 2024 will be to rewrite the entire application in a new way, based on a new technological framework, always maintaining the overlay features that identify Trucky as a unique application of its kind, but which will allow it to have an impact less burdensome on the user’s system and the game.

The first tests carried out a few months ago on this new technology were interesting and encouraging.

Unfortunately right now we are not able to produce a deadline, there will be a lot of work to do and for some time the current version of Trucky and the new version will live in parallel, there will be no big innovations in the current version because all the effort will be directed towards new version and, certainly, it will be a step implementation, the features will be implemented in the porting one by one, progressively, and probably, something will be left behind by prioritizing and maintaining the most used features.

We will evaluate the possibility of using Trucky on Linux and Mac but, almost certainly, without overlay but with the core functionalities working: it is a goal not a promise 🙂

We hope that the year that is coming to a close was a great year full of satisfactions and we hope that the year to come will be even better.

Sincere wishes from the whole Team 🙂

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