Hardcore Simulation

Today we are pleased to introduce a new way of driving, of experiencing the game thanks to Trucky, the Hardcore Simulation Mode, only for real gladiators!

Hyper-realistic settings

If you like to drive while respecting reality in a manic way, this is mode for you!

By setting your profile with hyper realistic and really hardcore settings, you will be able to participate in the new Leaderboard called Hardcore Simulation which takes into account not only distance but also many factors such as weight carried, compliance with road speed limits, accumulated damage, the way you deliver or load your load, sleep, compliance with the rules of the road to avoid fines plus a number of settings that will make your life a little more complicated than usual 🙂

Be careful, this mode is not for everyone: if you don’t like to complicate your life, we understand, it is already difficult in itself, let alone if you want to make it harder for yourself even in a game 😀

How do you participate?

First by setting up the profile in a certain way:

  • Traffic: yes (or value >= 1.0)
  • Fatigue: yes
  • Traffic offence: yes
  • Route Advisor Speed Limit: Truck
  • Parking Difficulty: Skilled Parking
  • Random Road Events: over 10%
  • Detours: over 20%
  • Rain probability: over 10%
  • Advanced Trailer Coupling: yes
  • Realistic fuel consumption: yes
  • Air brakes simulation: yes

Trucky is able to track any configuration change to your profile: any change, even a very few seconds from those described above, will invalidate the job for Hardcore Simulation purposes.

The Traffic setting is important: all TruckersMP jobs are invalid because the traffic is not there.

To be admitted for Hardcore Mode and HP calculation, following criteria must be satisfied (all of them):

  • Every profile settings is configured correctly
  • No Auto Load (not considered for Freight Market jobs, Public Transport System and WOTR Freight Market)
  • Manual Parking
  • Over 250 km
  • No Warping (considered also changing warp value during the job)
  • No Damage Mod
  • Cargo with mass more than 0 (Dispatched Jobs with 0 cargo mass? Sorry.)
  • Fuel Used more than 0
  • No Cargo Mods – Allowed only SCS Cargo from Base Game and all official DLCs

Why no Cargo Mods? Because Cargo Mods can be easily cheatable with huge mass and huge cargo unit sizes.

How are deliveries evaluated?

There are two ways: Hardcore Points (HP) and Delivery Rating.

The former is a “simple” calculation based on the various factors of the job while the latter represents the actual quality of the delivery.

Hardcore Simulation Leaderboards are based on Hardcore Points, the Delivery Rating is something more personal.

All the details are described here (please read carefully all the necessary settings and validation conditions, it is important)

To test this new mode it is highly advisable to do it with very short jobs in order not to throw away your time (always remembering that the minimum limit is 250km)


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