Introducing Trucky.Events

Introducing Trucky.Events Subscribe with your email to get notified when ready! We are happy to announce the coming launch of Trucky.Events website: ultimante Events Management and Advertising Platform for the Multiplayer Trucking Community. In last few months we seen some changes in Events Advertising platform panorama, a couple of sites closed down due to various reasons.Read more about Introducing Trucky.Events[…]

In-Game Overlay

In-Game Overlay

The Trucky Team is happy to announce that the Trucky In-Game Overlay is ready to download! Some weeks ago, we shared a quick teaser video to show what was coming up You can find all relevant informations in the official page! Enjoy! and Happy Trucking!  

Help us become Discord partner

Dear fellow trucker, we need you! Help us keeping grow our Discord joining our server to become Discord partner.   Join Trucky Discord now!   Don’t forget to join Subscriber role, sending ?rank Subscriber in #bot-command channel to get in touch with latest announcements and dev updates! Thanks!