Achievements for Companies

We know how much personal achievements are appreciated, giving a different meaning and purpose to the game week by week.

So why not extend them to all companies as well? With the latest version of Trucky, after a month of internal testing dedicated to our Angel Patrons, each company will be able to create dedicated achievements for their members, according to their own driving style.

The system allows to create achievements by week, month and year in a precise way (only for July 2023…) or in a recurring way (goal valid every month that resets automatically).

For example, using the precise monthly periods, it is possible to create nice competitions within the company, being totally manual and at the discretion of the management, this can be very fun and challenging 🙂

The target can be: number of jobs, distance traveled, total mass carried, earnings generated.

Job selection filters can be based on so many parameters: one particular game at all, cargo, city and company of departure or destination, cargo specifications, trip characteristics, limit on accumulated damage, manual or automatic parking and so on, the limit is really everyone’s imagination.

When the goal is achieved, automatically, a role or tag can be assigned to the member who achieved it.

Valid Achievements will be visible in the Desktop Helper widget and the Desktop client, along with personal Achievements, also they will be displayed in the personal profile. Also, administrators or those with permissions will be able to view the completion status of all users for a given achievement.

And now have fun 🙂

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