New Discord and API Webhooks for external Drivers’ Hub

This update introduces the ability to actively connect external Drivers’ Hubs by sending data immediately and in real time as soon as an event happens.

Until now, Trucky offered data from the VTC Hub in “passive” mode, i.e., pull: the developer had to read the data using our API in read-only mode.

In addition, the Webhook Discord management system has been completely rewritten.

New event-driven configuration for Discord Webhooks

It is now possible to configure multiple Webhooks and individually select which events to send in each channel.

The possibilities are almost endless, you can choose from dozens of different events that will fit public channels and private channels.

You can, even, choose to split events related to a single game to a different channel.

API Webhooks

The same events that can be sent in Webhooks for Discord can also be sent via API Webhooks by actively integrating external Drivers’ Hubs, created by you, so that everything that happens on Trucky is sent to your system.
You can choose to receive only delivery-related events or even any events, even those related to the business side.
Then, on the other side, on your system, you can use this data to create incredible statistics or award prizes to your members.

Detailed documentation is available here

API Webhooks can be used to develop a custom Discord bot. Curious how? Take a look here

If you are using Laravel, we have prepared also a small package to integrate quickly Trucky Webhooks, trucky/webhooks

Security in Webhooks

To ensure that HTTP requests from Webhooks are secure, you can generate a Secret Key with which each request will be signed using the HMAC SHA256.
Detailed documentation is available here

API in Write Mode

The API has been further augmented to offer a new dedicated endpoint for receiving events from your Drivers’ Hub: adding and removing members from your company: if you have a recruiting system and do not want to manage them on Trucky as well, from your Drivers’ Hub it will be possible to send write events to Trucky by adding or removing members on Trucky as well.
Detailed documentation is available here

If you need a full introduction on how integrate with Trucky, please read carefully the full documentation article available here where you can find a lot of examples on how work with Trucky API.

We are working with external Drivers’ Hub developers to integrate Trucky as soon as possible. 

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