Stats Max Speed Cooldown and User-Level Regional Settings

Version 2.22 introduces two important new features: Cooldown for maximum speed and advanced regional settings for values conversion, customizable by each user.

Cooldown maximum speed

This is the outcome of the awesome discussion the community has on our Discord server.

For companies participating in Distance Leaderboards this will be a very welcome feature: before, the change from Real Stats to Race Stats or Invalid was triggered immediately.
As of today, a 5-second cooldown is considered to allow you to return to the desired maximum speed without exceeding the top level.
However, there is a limit to the maximum speed that can be reached during the cooldown:

  • Real Stats for ETS2: cooldown triggers at 100km\h (62mph) up to 110km\h (68mph) for 5 seconds
  • Real Stats for ATS: cooldown triggers at 130km\h (80mph) up to 140km\h (86mph) for 5 seconds
  • Race Stats: cooldown triggers at 180km\h (111mph) up to 190km\h (118mph) for 5 seconds

Once the maximum speed is exceeded even during cooldown or beyond 5 seconds, the next level is considered.

The cooldown is indicated in the Desktop Helper and GameInfo with a blinking visual effect.

User-level Regional Settings

Previously, regional settings for in-game overlays were handled by the Windows Application Settings and were limited to the choice of Metric or Imperial system.
Also, for companies, it was chosen globally and all users displayed values such as distance, fuel, and mass in the same way.

Now, regional settings can be chosen at the user level and are applied to all distance, fuel, mass, and fuel economy values displayed in Trucky, both in the in-game overlays and in the VTC Hub, it’s applied also on non-company jobs as well. Every single user will see also other users’ data using these personal settings.

New settings are available under the Account Settings > Localization Settings tab accessible from your avatar menu, corner right in the top bar.

It is possible to choose with greater granularity, no longer limited to the Metric or Imperial system: for example, one can choose Miles for distance and Liters for fuel volume, no matter what are the in-game settings.

UI Fixes

Fuel Economy showed now in Desktop Helper and Game Summary is now accurate and respect regional settings, the Fuel Economy calculation in Job Detail has been fixed.

Added “Danger Zone” to Company and Account Settings

To clarify you are doing something dangerous and not reversibile, the Close and Reset Account, Close and Reset Company actions have been moved to the “Danger Zone” tab. Please don’t try that at home!

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