New VTC features: Community

A VTC means Community, and the tools to communicate effectively within a group of physically distant people are very important.

With the latest version, Trucky introduces tools for VTCs, precisely, as Communities.

News Feed

Announcements, news, events: it is important to reach everyone.
The owner of the VTC or whoever has the rights, will be able to publish content visible to everyone only internally or even public by setting the news as “important” and pinned at the top, always visible.


For most VTCs the chosen real-time communication method is Discord but not everyone has Discord or is always reachable. Through Trucky you will be able to send a personal or group private message to only members of your company.
Also, to facilitate recruitment, it will be possible to send a private message to those who are looking to join your VTC during the recruitment process.

Live Company Status

With this feature you will be able to see, in real time, directly from Trucky, what your company members are doing, whether they are driving, their job, from where to where they are going.

Messenger and Live Company Status can be found directly in the Desktop Window’s header

Improvements to Data Grids

Now you can choose what columns you want to see in Members and Jobs tables.
The only limitation is the size of your screen 🙂

New filters for Member statistics

On the business statistics page, Members sections, two filters have been added to allow filtering on the type of Speed Stats, Race or Real.

New Permissions

Two new permissions have been added: Manage News Feed and Manage Loans

Public Transport Routes updated

All built-in Public Transport Routes have been updated for the latest game version 1.47

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