Achievements are back!

Achievements are back!

The new system allows you to create achievements that are more flexible and probably more challenging to achieve.

As always, new weekly achievements will be featured every Monday:

  • Complete deliveries for at least 8000 KM
  • Complete deliveries for at least 15000 km
  • Complete X deliveries from, to, or from-to a certain city
  • Complete X deliveries in a particular vehicle model
  • Complete at least X deliveries with three different types of cargo

Controlled rotation will prevent having the same city, vehicle, or cargo for at least six weeks.

Each objective will have control elements, such as the minimum distance per individual job so that it will be considered and included in the individual objective: example, if the minimum distance is 500km, to be considered, you must log at least 500km on that job otherwise it will be ignored.

According to the survey conducted, users preferred a maximum range between 500 and 800km.

The widget in the Desktop Helper will automatically react when a job is completed by updating with the current status of your goal achievement.

To help you create your jobs with the Dispatcher, the cities and cargo impacted by the achievements will be highlighted in orange with a cup icon.


It has been asked several times to have “extra money” especially for a newly created company to scale up quickly, buy Garages and Vehicles: from today Loans are available with denominations of 100k, 200k, 400k, 1m and 2m Trucky Coins which will be repaid daily.

Suggestions Round #2

All the suggestions collected are always very valuable, some of them have been implemented:

  • Added two new types of Leaderboards: WOTR and TruckersMP, which only consider Jobs completed with their respective systems.
  • Cancelation Penalty: each company can now choose its own cancellation penalty but that cannot be less than 12k Trucky Coins
  • Member awards: new icons and two new awards: Most Jobs Count (min length 500km per job) and Most Transported (only for Realistic and Eco & Miles companies)


  • Automations: fixed bug when sending keypress to the game and the configured key in Trucky was uppercased, the game was actually receiving SHIFT+<letter> causing other programs hotkeys to be triggered
  • Dispatcher: normal users can’t delete company jobs if without permissions
  • Dedicated Servers: prevented to add non Steam IDs in Moderators list

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