Dedicated Server Hosting

Today we present the new addon within the Trucky platform: rental of Dedicated Game Servers.

After SCS published the possibility of hosting a dedicated game server, the decision to add this service to Trucky came naturally.

After a month of testing with our Angel Patrons, it is now available to everyone.

Directly from Trucky you can activate the monthly subscription that gives access to a virtually infinite number of dedicated servers managed directly from the Trucky interface on Windows.

The monthly subscription is managed by Fastspring, one of the world’s leading providers of recurring monthly payments dedicated to digital services; secure and robust, your payment information will only ever be held by Fastspring.

It is possible to set up a server in various parts of the world, from Europe to the United States to Asia to have the lowest possible ping and it is of course possible to use your Server Packages and your Server Token.

The server is totally managed by Trucky hosted on the global infrastructure of DigitalOcean with dedicated resources, one of the best known hosting providers in the world, there is no need to have technical knowledge of maintaining Linux or Windows servers, shell commands, FTP connections to upload files.

The servers have a public address, and the automatic provisioning system in Trucky takes care of publishing the appropriate ports to make the server visible in the Convoy Browser.

Moreover, a server hosted on Trucky will have, in addition:

  • Integration with Discord via Webhook to know who is connecting and disconnecting from the server

  • Session ID display
  • Display of the number of connected users
  • API to check the status of the server
  • API to read logs

By selecting the “Company Server” option, the server will be displayed within the Company Dashboard with the password in plain text so all mentors in your VTC can freely connect to it.

We have prepared a bunch of Knowledge Base article to guide you in your server configuration:

How do you like the new service? Your next dedicated server is waiting for you on Trucky.

What do you think about this announcement? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Come to our Discord and let’s talk about it!

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