AntiAFK and more detailed Company Stats

Finally, one of the most requested features of our community: the Anti AFK (Away from Keyboard)!

If you are a TruckersMP player you know very well what it means: after 10 minutes of inactivity, TruckersMP will kick you and you must reconnect.

With Trucky, not anymore 🙂 because it can react to the message “Please move! If you do not move within the next minute, you will be automatically kicked!” – after 9 minutes of inactivity, approximately-and automatically respond with a command or chat message!

Trucky’s Anti AFK has been officially accepted by TruckersMP on behalf of a Game Moderator Manager, so it is 100% safe and adheres to the rules.

In addition, you can schedule an automatic “advertising” message for your VTC or just for yourself, which will be sent every 10 minutes in the TruckersMP chat.

Both are Premium Features

This update receives additional work on company statistics: in the Company Dashboard you will find a new widget containing the daily performance of your company members.

On the Detailed Statistics page, on the other hand, statistics regarding members have been tweaked by adding a highlight for best and worst performance in each column, division by game, and the ability to sort the list for each column in an ascending or descending fashion.

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