Quality-of-life Improvements

This version introduces several new features and quality-of-life improvements.

Thanks to the continuous suggestions of our users, Trucky keeps getting better and better by offering new tools and features.

VTC Hub related

Bans: you can ban users and prevent them from submitting applications. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a user applies multiple times or does not accept a rejection, now it is possible to prevent it.

Discord RPC Presence Company wide: by placing Discord Application IDs within the Integrations section in the Company Settings, all members of your company will use the same RPC promoting your brand even more on Discord.

Don’t know how create a custom Discord Application and use it in Trucky? Follow our guide

Job Events: job tracking is enriched by events, recorded in realtime and sent to the VTC Hub as soon as they happen even with deliveries not yet completed.
If there are events related to the job, a horizontal timeline will be shown with all relevant times and some details depending on the event tracked.

Discord Personal Webhook

In addition to the VTC one, if you have a personal Discord or channel where you want to see only your logged jobs, you can now specify the Webhook address in your profile. This webhook will be used in addition to the VTC webhook if you are a member of a company.

Major bugfixes to Job Tracking

In this iteration, we focused on fixing some important and very “old” bugs related to job tracking:
– Fixed wrong damage, fuel, distance calculation btw quick jobs or switching vehicles between profiles and saves during a job
– Fixed wrong speed calculation when falling over the map or flying
– Improved damage detection with highly affordable damage difference

Public Transport Leaderboards

Some users and companies are very focused on using our alternative feature to trucking, Public Transport. With this version we introduce leaderboards that only take into account jobs tracked in Public Transport mode.

Are you curious about the Public Transport feature? Follow Zeca Bala, he is addicted to it!

Other bugs fixed

– Live Map Widget reworked: to prepare for something new, the Live Map widget needed a facelift 🙂
– Fixed an old bug about TruckersMP server change in Launchpad, the overlay didnt update accordingly still showing the old server, now it will be all updated (live map, traffic, alerts, overlay info, rpc)
– Fixed decimals formatting in Subscriptions page
– Dedicated Server Configuration: added validation for Discord Webhook URL.
– Fixed an error in Navigation Widget that caused Desktop Helper to crash when the sleep time was exceeded

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