Overlay release: auto replay on collisions

Overlay release and already available via Overwolf auto-update (OW needs to be restarted to upgrade the app automatically or next PC restart).

  • Added ALT+L to open Trucky Live map following you (only MP)
  • Added specific settings for unity system in ATS, the current one is for ETS2
  • Moved replay settings in a separate tab
  • Added auto replay on collisions with various settings. Video capturing is fired when collision (damage) is detected (default >= 5% damage on chassis, trailer or cargo if considered)
  • Added settings to specify the past duration and future duration of replay registered (default before 30 secs, after 5 secs)
  • Added setting to hide header in servers and friends screen (default is true)
  • Fixed no show “entering area” when disabled
  • Added Arab translation

The main new feature of this update is the availability of the auto replay after a detected collision. Now you can use new settings to enable auto replay recording after a collision (or damage) is detected. The replay is saved in the usual location where other manual replays are saved.

The auto replay is triggered when damage detected to exceed the minimum damage percentage defined in settings, default is 5.

Please note, there are no differences between a collision with another player or if you hit a building.

This could be quite useful during Multiplayer sessions, you haven’t to “remember” to record a replay to submit a report to TruckersMP.

Needs Telemetry plugin update.

Happy trucking and stay safe!

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