Public Transports meets the VTC Hub

Usually we are used to define VTCs as Virtual Trucking Companies.
From today, with Trucky, this acronym takes on a different meaning: Virtual Transport Company.

Not only transporters of goods but also of people!

Public Transport, a feature already present in Trucky but separate from the VTC Hub has been integrated: the routes traveled with your Bus will have value as real jobs (but without impacting the Miles statistics).

In addition, VTCs in Realistic Economy will be able to add buses to their fleet as was already possible with trucks.

The job details will include stops made, passengers getting on and off, and of course, Public Transport jobs will have an economic value based on the passengers carried and how many miles they traveled on the bus.

This update also introduces a new version of Telemetry, 1.8.1 so the update is absolutely necessary. With this version the way of communication between the game and Trucky has been changed, reducing the memory footprint, lag, update lag, and increasing the overall stability of the app (at least hopefully). It has been in testing for two months and we conducted very heavy stress tests with 4-5 hour sessions of continuous driving.

As usual you will receive the new version automatically in a while: the number is 2.4.12 . To force the update, restart Overwolf a couple of times with the game closed or wait for the automatic update.

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