TruckyMods got a facelift!

After almost 4 months since the launch, it’s back to work on TruckyMods.

But first, some numbers: on TruckyMods there are almost 200 projects with a total of over 110,000 downloads with an average of 1000 downloads each day, delivering an average of 300 GB per day totaling 16 TB of data, and more than 22,000 registered users.

And now let’s get to the news!

The Verified Creator Badge

Talent should be recognized and so, Creators who have chosen TruckyMods in the past few months, have received the “Verified Creator” badge.
Creators with this badge have automatic approval of uploads.

New Homepage

The homepage has been completely redesigned, thanks to the richness of the uploaded content, we now show a beautiful carousel of featured projects and the new section “Trending this Week“, the most downloaded projects in the last 7 days.

New Detail Page

The detail page is the one that has undergone the biggest update: wide space for uploaded images, screenshots in high quality, and better distribution of content.

We have given more prominence to user reviews, with the classic star system, the rating calculation system has been improved and displayed in the information section of the mod.

The Comments and Versions sections have been revised, giving more prominence to users’ comments and Creators’ answers. Versions are now presented as an organized timeline.

Page Loading Optimizations

To provide a better experience, uploaded images are optimized and resized for better download performance without losing quality.

The User Library

The profile section has been improved, offering better navigation and the addition of 2 new pages: “My Downloads” and “My Library”.
Thanks to the integration with Trucky’s Mod Manager, the user’s library is also available on TruckyMods and it’s possible to share the library
We think this will be very useful while using ‘Convoy’ after the release of 1.42.

What do you think about the changes? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Join our Discord and let’s talk about it!

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