Android release: 2.2.0

Android version released to 2.2.0 with new great features:

  • VTLog.net integration: see your logged jobs, VTC info and VTC members associated to your Steam account. View also other VTC members jobs and other users VTLog data directly from the app
  • My Profile section : See your relevant TruckersMP and Steam profile infomation directly from the app


  • Other users profile details, with TruckersMP, Steam and VTLog profile (if any)



  • Search player screen redesigned: now with the ability to search by TruckersMP username, if more than one TruckersMP user has been found, a list of user has been show

  • Friends list link to profile details: show complete TruckersMP, Steam and VTLog profile (if any) for each friend
  • Translation improvements
    • Now translations are downloaded at app start without need to update the app to get new or updated ones.
    • New translation: Danish
  • Bug fixes and other coding stuff:
    • Fix a bug refresh button in Friend list causing app crash
    • Removed TruckersMP rules screen due to bug in React Native rendering markdown causing app crash
    • Minor fixes and performance improvements

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