Discord bot updated: friends command

New commands available (out of testing, released for all users):

Friends management

.addfriend <TruckersMP id|import> > Add friend in a personal list.
With import parameter, friends will be massively imported from your Steam account, only if you have linked the Discord or Steam profile to TruckyBot.
If you have Steam connection already saved on Discord profile, it’s enough to link only your Discord profile.
Link them with .auth add command

.delfriend <TruckersMP id|all> > Remove friend from your personal list. With all parameter you will remove all entries from your personal friend list.

.friends > Review friends added in your personal list .checkfriends > Check who is online among your friends in your personal list


.auth add steam > Link your Steam profile to TruckyBot

.auth add discord > Link your Discord profile to TruckyBot

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