Summer Pack Update: new features!

It’s time to go to the beach, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and summer vacation!
But before you go, why not also enjoy the new features of Trucky?

This update contains new features, completely unprecedented.

Trucks and Trailers Management

Now you can access your fleet directly from the Dispatcher to:

  • Change current truck and trailer without going through the Garage (Premium feature)
  • Duplicate your trucks and trailers in the same profile or in your other saved profiles
  • Share your total truck or trailer configuration for your friends or your VTC collegues to import it

Trucks and Trailers are shared using the common Unique ID approach: an 8 characters string.

The Sharing feature will be useful for VTCs, to share the default Trucks and Trailers configuration, from paintjobs to accessories (be aware of the local mods..)

When you import a shared Truck or Trailer, you will be prompted to choose a Garage where insert the new toy. When duplicating something, the new object is imported with 0 odometer and 0 damage.

In addition, the Dispatcher now allows you to easily manage your truck or trailer license plate with a handy editor, to help you color it the best way possible, there is also a hexadecimal to SCS color converter.

The game is quite fault tolerant about license plates, the worst thing could happen, is the total absence of the license plate text. Must check the game.log to understand why the license plate has not been loaded correctly.

Games Launch Parameters and Home Directory

By popular demand, this feature has finally been implemented. It is now possible to enter ETS2, ATS and TruckersMP startup parameters for use when games are launched from Trucky.

Furthermore, for ETS2 and ATS it is possible to specify which home directory is in use so that the Dispatcher works even when the default one inside the Documents folder is not used.

Other small changes

For those who use profiles with Promods linked in the mod manager even on non-Promods servers, now the Dispatcher forces the use of the Base map. This way linked Promods is only considered for single player or when you are out of the game.

For those who have problems with the positioning of the overlays in game, especially with large monitors and experience the bug “Lost in space”, now from the Options you can reset the position of the Main Window and Game Window, which are repositioned to 0.0 (upper left corner).

As requested on the public Trello, was added the ability to specify the radio volume step, by default to 2. You can find it in the Options, tab “Radio and Volumes“.

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