Trucky for Windows: September update

Today’s update brings a bunch of improvements to the usability of the application and UI side.
Many small changes have been made, especially in the Desktop window.

Some internal features bring back a little “Tips & Tricks” style text to help the user understand what you could do and the meaning of what you are seeing, it should be especially useful for new users.

In the Game Summary, screenshots and recorded videos have been moved to a tab making them more usable and navigable.

As for TruckersMP, by popular demand, the Live Map can now have a completely transparent background.

Unlike the transparent overlay available in Convoy and TruckersMP, this window is resizable and movable, streamers should like it 🙂

You can control the Live Map opacity and background color from Settings > TruckersMP integration tab.

In the Dispatcher, some errors related to the switch of trucks and trailers have been corrected. Before, it was not checked if a vehicle was in use by an AI driver.
Now the truck switch behaves exactly as it does in the game and there is no longer the “glitch” of the blue dot next to the previous truck.

If you want to control how your gameplay is recorded, if record the mic sound or change the recording game volume, now there are a couple of new settings under Settings > Video capture and replay tab

The Mod Manager now shows quickly how much mods needs to be updated

And is present a quick switch to show only mods to update and a “Update All” button.

What’s next? The Touch Portal plugin is arriving on the finishing line and will be ready soon.

The version number is 2.2.43.

Full changelog:

  • Telemetry Update necessary
  • Live Map now can be transparent or you can customize the background color and opacity,
  • Many UI bugfixes and changes in Desktop window,
  • Changed Game Summary, screenshots and video recorded now are tabbed
  • Added ‘Tips&Tricks’ box in many pages to explain how the feature works
  • Dispatcher: fixed the blue dot (truck assigned) to the previous truck before switching
  • Dispatcher: trucks and trailers now are checked if not in use from an AI driver
  • Mod Manager: Added informations about mods to update, a specific filter in My Library, an Update All button
  • Settings: Removed the option ‘Disable the app in single player’
  • Video Capture: added setting for mic recording, mic and game recording volume
  • Games Launcher: settings were displayed also with game not installed
  • Desktop Window: not closed anymore when the game starts, only minimized. Can export the logs without closing the game.
  • Deskop Helper: only for new users, is enabled automatically when the user has more than one screen
  • Desktop Helper: at first show, without widgets, there will be a default configuration and a little tutorial explaining how it works
  • Desktop Helper: fixed repositioning after app update

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