Overlay update: Radio improvements and some news

The weeks after the release of the Dispatcher has been very productive, we have been working a lot with the community, testers, and Ambassadors to fix some bugs and further improve the tool.

But it was also time to work on some advanced features of Streaming Radio, improvements suggested by the community itself.

For a long time, I’ve missed being able to change the radio station with the media keys on my keyboard, and now it’s possible! Using media keys now you can change the radio station:

Play: pause the radio streaming
Next: next radio station
Previous: previous radio station

The current song is displayed integrating the Windows Media Player overlay.

Also, the Overlay now supports in-game radios read directly from the live_streams.sii file, plus it shows the current song being played.

This update also introduces dedicated hotkeys to raise and lower the volume of just the radio audio. And why not also add a nice animation of the current song on air?

Complete changelog:

  • Telemetry update 1.4.5 for a small bug fix
  • Various improvements to the game switching process, from ETS2 to ATS or from MP to SP
  • Rewritten partially the way in-game windows are managed
  • Dispatcher: Cargo Market available in preview for Patrons
  • Dispatcher: fixed jobs expiring too soon when adding more than one job per save edit
  • Redesigned hotkeys list in Settings window, divided into groups
  • Rewritten Clock component
  • Added new Time Formats with the extended date and weekday, as requested in #suggestions
  • Custom logo: fixed upload broken due to Overwolf API change
  • Fixed in-game overlay position reset on restore or game start
  • Fixed ‘Try it’ buttons for testing position of notification and information windows

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