Cargo Market available for everyone

Version makes publicly available the ability to create Cargo Market shipments (with proprietary trailer) for everyone via the Dispatcher.

The operation is similar to the deliveries created with Freight Market but with some differences.

The basic requirement is to have an assigned and connected trailer. Without an assigned and connected trailer it is not possible to create a Cargo Market job.

The Dispatcher, based on the current trailer, suggests which loads can be transported. In some cases, especially with custom trailers or mods, the Cargoes dropdown may be empty. Select “Show all cargoes” to be able to choose an unscheduled one.

Also, you can choose the difficulty of the cargo point, between easy, medium and hard. If the company does not have a medium or difficult point, the easy one will be selected automatically.
There is a “Long Trailers” option that is particularly useful when you have a double, htc, triple or long lowboys, after loading the cargo the truck will be positioned directly towards the exit.

Unlike Virtual Speditor, it is not necessary to select the “map set”, i.e. the current map so that the Dispatcher can find the loading positions. Trucky, by reading the selected profile, is able to figure out which map mods are active.
Attention: for Promods users in Multiplayer, it is necessary to have the Promods files active in the Mod Manager for the correct functioning.

At the moment the Cargo Market, is available for ATS and ETS2 Multiplayer and Singleplayer, Base Map and All DLCs, latest Promods for ETS2, latest Promods Canada, Coast2Coast (and all combinations, like Canada + Coast2Coast).

As for the Freight Market, it is possible to share or upload Dispatches from friends using the Unique ID.

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