Overlay update: New features for Patrons

Overlay update brings a couple of fixes and improvements to the Dispatcher, and, in particular two new features for Patrons.

The new Teleport at location check permits to be teleported directly at the source company choosen to start the delivery reloading the save (do you want to start from London and you are in Milan? no problem. Add the job from London and choose to be teleported at location and you.. will be in London!)

Furthermore, in the Position tab, there is a new box under the position sharing. With this feature to can teleport in any city and company, without having a garage or navigating with the game console.

Premium users will find these new features already unlocked.

More, always for Premium users, there is a great surprise to discover inside the Customize tab in Settings window: new 35+ new customizations options to add new elements, icons, indicators, truck KPIs, lights and so on to your Game Info overlay.

For normal users, this section is simply deactivated and not accessibile and will be released soon, no ETA for now. This new update will be called MOAR Customizations.

Our Ambassador, ThatCampinGuy created a wonderful video tutorial covering in deep every feature and troubleshooting about the Dispatcher, worth a view!

Full changelog:

  • New “Teleport at location” in Dispatcher
  • MOAR Customizations update in preview for Patrons
  • Dispatcher: Added alert for Trucksbook users in Cargo Market
  • Some icons in Game Info has been changed
  • Settings: added option to start Desktop Window maximized
  • Settings: added option to enable experimental overlay autoresize useful for whom having the ‘window position resets’ bug
  • Added Patron status in Settings’ Premium tab

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