New Discord Rich Presence and Dispatcher fix

Discord Rich Presence has received a nice facelift 🙂

It has been almost completely rewritten, in particular it is no longer served by the Telemetry plugin but directly by the overlay and it has gained access to a new set of information.

When you are on TruckersMP now your Online ID is shown.

It also handles the gameplay events that Telemetry allows: your Rich Presence will change when you finish a delivery, when you cancel it, when you get fined or when you take a ferry or train. The event shown will be held for 20 seconds!

When you are on the road for a delivery, the Rich Presence will show the remaining time while when you are free roaming by how long you are driving.

This update prepares for a great new feature involving Rich Presence, continuing the development of highly customizable features!

The changes also transparently impact those who use their Discord application as Rich Presence.

Finally the most attended fix hitted the Dispatcher: finally you no longer need to have Promods enabled in the Mod Manager when you are in Multiplayer to use the Cargo Market. But be careful, it will only work when connected to a server. While in Single Player, as always, you will need to have it active, of course.

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