Overlay update: MOAR Customizations

The MOAR Customizations update is out for everyone.

Customize the Game Info overlay like never before with more than 35 new options (see Customize tab in Settings, ALT+O), indicators and new information, especially aimed at purists.

You’ll be able to view this information, among other things:

  • Direction indicators
  • Lights indicators such as beacons, retarder, handbrake
  • Brake pressure
  • Engine revs in text and graphical format
  • Odometer
  • Wheel Lift indicators
  • Retarder level
  • Time remaining for next rest (game time or real life time, not visibile in Multiplayer)

Are so many, aren’t they?

In addition, for each item in the Game Info overlay you can choose whether you want to see it or not.

In this way you’ll customize your Overlay to show only what is relevant for you.

The settings are valid for both horizontal and vertical version but be careful, the horizontal version has space limitations: activating elements, others may disappear due to lack of space, so be careful 🙂

Some options allow you to show the information of the “main window” (multiplayer, current server, radio, online friends) inside the game info, this way you will have everything in one overlay.

Some days ago was released also an update for RPC, now shipped with buttons!

This update also address and fix an important bug affecting a good number of users: the game shouldn’t go windowed or minimized randomly.

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